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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Who did join Micheal Phelps Parade?

Towson residents? His classmates at Townson High School? His supporter at Loyla College? Or someone else?

I did not do a survey of this. But there were many people joining the parade, of them had been driving several hours! Is Michael fascinating? I don't know.

Cedar Avenue where Townson High is located was changed into Phelp Way in his honor, because he is an "international ambassador". However, the new road sign was destroyed in the same day it was created. Most people in Townson or Townson High hate him. I think that is the answer the new sign was destroyed.

When my daughter and I was watching TV to see him smile with his Golden Medal, we were proud of him, since he lives in Rodgers Forge, our neighborhood. And again, my daughter just graduated from Dumbarton Middle and will go into Townson High. After few days she attended the High School, she changed and said her friends told her the guy has few friends there and very mean to others... ...

Friday, October 08, 2004

Michael's father in the back... why? Posted by Hello
Happiness over the rim. Posted by Hello
Recieve the National Flag, great honor. Posted by Hello
Michael Phelp and Mayor Baltimore, Mr. O'Maley. Posted by Hello
Michael's mom, Debbie addresses and expresses thanks to the crowd. How Michael does look like?  Posted by Hello
Thank you for your coming...  Posted by Hello
Michael Phelp's othe family members: his dad, sister and mom. Posted by Hello
These two hands are the ones to have conquered the swimming poor around the world. Posted by Hello
Taking Certificate from the governor of Maryland. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

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Michael waves his hand... Posted by Hello
Wave hands with his mom... Posted by Hello
MD governor Posted by Hello
MD governor Posted by Hello
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Praying before the ceremony . Posted by Hello
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Honor to accept the national flag
 Posted by Hello
Thank you,Mr. Governor...
 Posted by Hello
Congratulations from Towson...  Posted by Hello